How To Choose The Best Linens For Your Bathroom

Sunny days are beginning to outnumber those gray days of winter. Spring is here and it is a new beginning; everything is fresh, new and bright. When you think of your bathroom, do you get the same feeling?  Bathrooms should be like spring! If yours has more of the drab, dark days of winter feel, it is probably time for a rebirth, a cleansing and a makeover.

The best part, giving your bathroom a springtime boost doesn’t have to break the bank or become a time dump! There are several ways to dress up your bathroom with minimal labor, no remodeling, and certainly only a small dent in the wallet. 

You can make your bathroom feel like a spring day, pretty and fresh, in a few hours and with a few dollars. However, sometimes it calls for a bathroom pro to come in and create your vision. Contact a bathroom contractor today to find pros in your area for free.

Soften Hard Lines

Bathrooms are typically filled with cold, hard lines from the vanity, to the tub, to the fixtures. So, one easy way to give your bathroom a quick and inexpensive makeover is to add a soft touch to give your space the balance it needs; one quick way is to replace and upgrade your bathroom linens. Absorbency, softness, and durability are the three keys to consider when you are buying new linens for your bathroom. Of course, you can’t have a makeover that doesn’t make design and color choice a priority, too.

When it comes to absorbency and softness, then you want something that is made of a cotton rayon blend or Egyptian cotton. Keep in mind that the softer they are, possibly the shorter the life cycle, but hey, maybe a yearly linen makeover isn’t such a bad thing.

Also, don’t be too scared about straying from cotton when you are in the market for super soft. Rayon towels actually give cotton a run for their money. Two-Ply towels are going to have increased longevity while one-ply will be less durable and need to be replaced more often.

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